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ABC123 is a brand, specialized in school bags and stationary.
                                       It captures all values a modern BTS brand should capture: fresh and
                                       ergonomically well-thought-out design, practicality, comfort,
                                       highest level of quality and of materials used.
                                       ABC123 school bags were developed by a team of passionate
                                       experts with long-term experience in design, production and use of
                                       different types of school bags.
                                       These bags were tested and meet highest quality standards, which
                                       guarantees a safe and comfortable everyday use.
                                       ABC123 school bags are complemented with stationary products
        less than 1kg Airflow Back     to form a perfect set of school products.           Inside Organiser

           Anatomic Back                                   Reflective parts

 Reflective parts


                                                Chest Belt

                                              Acron d.o.o.  3
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